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Monday, December 19, 2011

Greetings from California!!

Good morning all!

Greetings from California! I can't believe it is already Christmas time. I have no idea where this year went! I also cannot believe we are living half way across the country and this will be our first Christmas just the 2 (and a half) of us. No crazy fun plans here, maybe some movies and this is actually our first home with a fireplace! I'm thinking some s'mores are in store for us!
While it will be just the two of us for Christmas, I am very excited that my parents will be joining us for the new year! I can't wait even more because we will be revealing the gender of our precious baby! Any guesses on what you think it is??
So much has happened since we moved out here, we found a great place that is close to so much! Jason is still working up at Camp Pendleton for the time being (until March) and then he will be down in San Diego working at the Naval Hospital here. I know he cannot wait until then, no more long drives and early mornings. I have been keeping busy at home, still attempting to get us unpacked. Who knew we had so much stuff?! Not me!
I have also been keeping busy with some great friends I have met out here! We had a wonderful weekend with them at a hilarious National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (80's) themed Christmas party! It was such a blast and so great to get out and have a good time!
Well, I best be going now, got to head up to the commissary before everyone wakes up and goes there too! Hope you all have a wonderful day and a very Merry Christmas! Please give all your precious children hugs and kisses from Miss Amanda, I miss them all like crazy!

Thank you all for your love and prayers,