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Saturday, May 14, 2011

One more reason to love the weekends!

Well today I got a somewhat unexpected call! I have normally be receiving my phone calls on Sunday so much to my surprise I received a ONE HOUR phone call from my sweet hubby today!!!
I had all these signs that I might be getting it today so I was little freaked out when the phone rang and I saw the number. Thank you Lord for the heads up :)
He is doing so much better! He has been moved up to Phase III out of IV so although I love these phone calls on weekends this one was bittersweet...bitter- it may be my last phone call of that length....sweet- if it is my last then that means he is out of RCU and back in a division and will be graduating in 4 weeks!! He said that if I don't hear from him by Sunday (5/22) night then he is back in a division.
Hopefully I will have good news before then, I definitely don't like waiting but like Jason says..."that's the military, you hurry up to wait." I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us (I have some amazing women to look up to and ask question if I need to, I have also found some great books to get me prepared for what military life is all about). I miss him so much and I truly feel that we are really approaching this light at the end of the tunnel (unfortunately this is one of many tunnels though, but just trying to stay positive).

Thank you all for all your love, prayers and support, there is no way we would have been able to make it without them.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On hold....

Hey there everyone,

So sorry for my lack of enthusiasm towards the blog. This has, without a doubt, been some of the hardest weeks I have had and even though I thought we only had 3 weeks left I was horribly mistaken.

I haven't been away from my phone in weeks and decided to take an exercise class with my girlfriend, Amy. After realizing how full the class was I opted to put my phone underneath the aerobics step so I didn't risk stepping on it...about 20 minutes into the class I had this gut feeling...right as I picked up my phone I saw Jason's missed call...I truly believe this is a sign from the heavens that working out is not a good idea for me (see? I can find humor in all situations.). I listened to his voicemail and found out that he had been put on hold due to an injury. He has a stress fracture in his right tibia (shin for you non anatomy majors) and will not be graduating June 3 as expected. He will be in the rehabilitation facility until he is healed (praying for no more than 3-4 weeks) and once he is recovered he will still have to endure another month of basic training.
Although this set back is disappointing, one good point is that he is now receiving one 45 (!!!!!! yes!!! 45!!!) min phone call on the weekends (this is awesome seeing as I have received one 14 min phone call and one 54 second phone call in the whole 5 weeks he has been gone). Basically the best and quickest 45 minutes of my week.
He is keeping in high spirits and the letters really help. His address has changed so if you would like to have it please email me on here or message me on Facebook.

Thank you all so much for your love and support,