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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beyond Blessed

Good Morning sweet friends, As some of you know I was admitted into the hospital Monday evening for complications in the pregnancy. And as most of you know Jason had just left for his 2 month training at Camp Pendleton. Talk about poor timing! I was able to calmly get the dogs put away, I already had an overnight bag packed in the car and headed to the ER. I was so relieved to finally get a hold of Jason and he was able to come and be with me. I'm so so thankful his superiors are letting him take as much time as needed. After getting up to Labor and Delivery they set me up on monitors and we let the waiting game begin. Contractions started and they were worried we would have to deliver that night. Praise God that wasn't the case. I remained in L&D until yesterday afternoon. I have been moved to the high risk ward where I will remain until they feel I am stable enough to go home where I will more likely than not be put on complete bedrest, which sadly means my visit home will be postponed until after Tyce has made his debut (which Lord willing will not be until his due date). Thank you all for your continued prayers, I cannot begin to tell you how calm I have remained and how much I have felt God's incredible peace during this time. I love and thank you all! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone