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Sunday, April 17, 2011

46 days!!!

This week was a great week! Not only did I receive J's graduation date (June 3, 2011) but I was able to receive my first letter!! Although it was a quick hello and goodbye and i love you it was the best letter I have ever gotten!

Along with his graduation date and quick letter I did receive his address. If you would like it please contact me via Facebook message or through the blog. Letters and cards really help boost morale during basic training so whether or not you know him well I'm sure he would feel great knowing you are thinking and praying about him.

Thank you all for your constant love and support,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1 week down!!

One week down, seven more to go!! This week has been quite a roller coaster ride! I received my official 2 minute phone call from Jason last Wednesday around 645 pm. I truly believe that it when it really sank in that I would no longer have as much contact with him as I usually do. What really gets me is not receiving a "Good Morning Beautiful" text and knowing I won't be getting it.
To top everything my sinuses thought it would be fun to just go ahead and get infected. Gotta love that pollen!! I've been put on antibiotics and am feeling significantly better (I even plan on going to the gym this afternoon).
Mom left for New Orleans yesterday and last night was my first official night alone. I must say it was absolutely awful. Last night was definitely by far one of my worst nights. I took a Sudafed night time and passed out into a deep sleep. It is funny when I get up to look at the bed. My side is completely messed up and Jason's looks like it hasn't even been touched (the dogs however are loving this new space!). I still get ready with the bathroom door closed and the bedroom lights off out of habit to not disturb Jason. I find it so  funny how these habits are still going on even though he is not here.
Even though it has been a rough week, Monday was by far my best day. After going to the doctor and feeling like complete poo all day, I came home with so many things in my arms. Walked up the stairs to our apartment and saw a FedEx post on the door. I had received a package (I was only expecting one package...Jason's belongings!). I immediately dropped everything and just sprinted to the office!! I almost broke down after getting the box. I came inside (of course I had to let the dogs out...longest 2 min of my life) and as soon as we got back inside I tore open that box like it was Christmas morning. Unfortunately there was no letter like I had hoped but I couldn't ask for anything more than to just have his clothes. I obviously slept in them that night. I miss him so much but I know he is safe and working hard for our family and our great nation.

Thank you all for your constant love and support,


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This day came way too fast...

Hey there everyone,

Jason has made it safe to Chicago. He is currently waiting at the USO for the Petty Officers to arrive and take them to Great Lakes where Basic Training will begin.

Friday night was our going away party for him (thanks to everyone who came out and a great big thank you to Amy and Mickey who opened their home for us!). It was such a great night and a wonderful way to send Jason off.
Saturday night we had dinner with Jason's birth mother Julie. It was a great night filled with laughter, some tears and some delicious homemade chili cheese dogs, coleslaw (which I need to get the recipe to!) and smores!
Sunday night was great, church and lunch with the family and a whole lot of errands. Sunday night was Jason's last night home, we basically spent it on the couch watching movies and eating queso.
Monday was when it started getting tough (at least for me). We woke up super late, around 1030, from there went to Lopez Mexicana (Jason's favorite), for (what might be) his last tex-mex meal. From there we ran some errands and got any last minute things he might need for his stay at the hotel that night. Once he got checked into the hotel we went to dinner at Taste of Texas, another one of Jason's favorites. It was my first time there and I was not disappointed! After dinner (and a very tearful goodbye), I dropped Jason off at the hotel and headed home where my wonderful mother was there waiting.
Tuesday came way too fast. I woke up bright and early, 630 am, of course not quite as early as Jason. He had to be up at 330! I drove downtown to the post office off of San Jacinto where I waited about an hour to watch him swear in and officially be put on active duty. After he swore in we had about 45 minutes to just sit and be with each other until he had to leave. Leaving was not easy. Luckily he was able to keep his phone on and we could keep in communication. They left the post office around 1 and headed for Bush.
I have to brag, I have the most AMAZING friends in the world. They were all here within hours of when I got home, with food, drinks and tissues ready for anything I had coming. It certainly made my night a whole lot easier. (The dance offs didn't hurt either.)

I will keep everyone posted with how Jason is doing and hopefully I will have his address soon and I plan on posting it once I get it.

Thank you all for all of your support,


PS: We got some pictures taken last month up in Fort Worth. The CD came in the mail today...I couldn't have asked for better timing! Here is the link to look at them on Facebook: