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Friday, November 4, 2011

5 days, 4 states and 1,507 miles later

Well we did it!! We finally made it to California. Our journey took us from Sugar Land, Tx to Junction, TX; El Paso, TX; Phoenix, AZ; and finally San Diego, CA. We were blessed to have a friend in Phoenix who showed us incredible hospitality throughout our 2 day stay there (we took an extra day to take a break from the long drives). She took me on a hike, took us to amazing restaurants and let us nap on her couch. She even let us bring our rascals in to play with her dog. Thank you Olivia, you have been such a blessing during this move. 
Not to much to report in our first few days here. Just attempting to get to know the area. Jason reported yesterday afternoon and left early this morning for his first day of work. What I will do with my day I don't know. I am excited to say we will be heading to the [cold] beach with the dogs tomorrow. Maybe pack a picnic :) I am even more excited to report that we found an amazing home that we move into Tuesday!! Finally, out of hotels!! Thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes, I can't believe that we are finally here! 


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