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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming Regulars

I always wanted us to become "regulars" somewhere. Maybe at our local sushi joint down the street or at our favorite breakfast spot in Kensington. I never thought we would become regulars at the labor & delivery/anti-partum unit at the hospital. But, alas, here we are again.
I had a routine doctor's appointment yesterday, one that I am thankful I made. I wanted to make sure I was okay to travel, seeing as I was supposed to be headed home in 2 days (*insert sad face). As we were getting ready to head out Jason said "maybe we should take your bag," I, of course, wanted to remain optimistic and declined that suggestions. After getting to the doctor's I ran to the restroom and (*warning: gets graphic*) passed a very large clot. After regaining my thoughts I ran out to grab a nurse so they could check out this clot [body organ]. However, thanks to the sanitation in our hospital the self flushing toilet got rid of any evidence that this ever happened. 
We were called into a room and they had me get ready for my exam, after getting all set up on the table (which as you pregnant ladies/mamas/women in general know is not the easiest of tasks), the nurse poked her head in and said "Actually, go ahead and get dressed, we are going to take you straight up to labor and delivery." Fantastic. 
Once in triage they went ahead and put my IVs in and drew blood and got me ready for the doctor. Their main concern was the clotting, after passing that large clot they realized that I had much more clotting than they expected and were worried that I did have active bleeding behind it. The doctors prepped us for the worst: I was most likely going to be receiving a blood transfusion and we would be delivering our baby boy that night. He said he would be incredibly shocked if we made it to tomorrow (today) without delivering. 
After getting all situated in our room and having all of this sink in the doctor came in with good news...I would not be needing the blood transfusion and we would not be delivering that night. So so much relief. They strapped me up to the monitors and started pumping me with fluids (the amniotic fluid was low, so they wanted to see if they could get that back up...they thought maybe I was dehydrated). After realizing I was stable Jason ran home to grab my bag and other necessities, we figured I would probably be here for at least a few days. He got back, brought me dinner (they finally let me eat)...I must say, greatest Subway sandwich ever! After hanging out with me and suffering through the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (part 2) he went home to get some rest and be with our furry kiddos. 
This morning they transferred me to the anti partum ward and informed me I would be here for  *sigh* at least 2 weeks. So bittersweet, so thankful that I am in some of the best hands and if anything were to happen we are right here, but missing home already. I feel like I have 1394830924983 things to do before this little one comes and no time to do it!

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, they are so appreciated! 



  1. Sooo glad you guys are doing okay. And Tyce is still in. :) Don't worry about your things to do!! Not important right now!! :) LOVE Y'ALL!!

  2. Awww. Well, I am glad you are somewhere safe. You are surrounded by people who care and tons more who are with you in thoughts! Love ya girly.